About Me - maureen rodgers

Hi!  I am Maureen.  I am so glad you are here!

My journey as a family photographer began when my daughter was a baby, 14 years ago.  I wanted to have pictures of her growing up and didn’t want to forget the details of her life.  I wanted her to be able to look back and know that she was a treasured child in our family.  About 10 years ago, I upgraded to a professional camera and have taken thousands of photos since!  When my son was born, 5 years ago, I kept up with my hobby.  Shortly after his first birthday, I did a 365 project with a group of photographers around the world.  In this project, I took a photo every day for a year and shared them with the group.  It really helped me become better at taking candid shots and become more comfortable with all the technical aspects of photography.  I really loved capturing the ordinary and special moments in the life of our family during my 365 project, and still do!  That same year I also took a class, called "Everyday Beauty".  I took this class at the perfect time, because I really wanted to find beauty in everyday life while doing my 365 project.  In the class, my instructor assigned daily projects and a final project.  Everyone in the class posted photos to share with each other, and our instructor individually critiqued our work.  This class really helped me see my photos in a different way.  It helped me improve on the technical aspects of composition and light in my photos.

I chose to be a family photographer because I understand family life so well.  I am living it and see the beauty in the simple things.  I love capturing the connections and love within a family.   A hug, a kiss or laughter shared between people stir up beautiful emotions that are wonderful to see in a photo.  Seeing these beautiful connections reminds us of the good and love in a family, that can sometimes be hard to see in the grind of every day life. 

I especially love taking photos of children.  I have always had a heart for children and I see something special in every child.  As a young girl, I was the one following around the littlest ones at family functions.  I babysat since I was old enough, and studied child development and family studies in college.  I feel I can easily interact with children and make them feel comfortable.  If a child isn't comfortable with me at first, I let them take their time and play with me until they feel at ease.

During my sessions, I really try to take genuine photos that show real emotions and expressions.   It may be a connection between a parent or child, or between siblings.  It may be an individual portrait of your toddler, preteen or high school graduate.   I love capturing people and families in all stages of life, and I love that through photography, these moments can be revisited in the years to come.  

It would be a joy for me to capture the special moments, expressions and connections within your family. 

Photo by Jenny Stein